Dating chinese porcelain marks

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Dating chinese porcelain marks

There is no doubt a lot more to discuss regarding this aspect as well…… A typical mark might comprise the place name first (e.g.

So, to the perennial problem, how to categorise the marks? Jiangxi, Jingdezhen, Jiujiang, Nanchang, Shanghai), then the Company or Shop name (e.g.

This is mainly a result of the upheaval of the times and the breakdown of dynastic rule and control of the imperial kilns etc, but also because most of the artists of the time actually desired and preferred to work in this style.

I have tried very hard to get these marks translated correctly, both from members on the Gotheborg Discussion Board when I or others posted items for translation and also by hiring a couple of young Chinese translators here in Sydney.

However, some of the translations may be incorrect or incomplete and I invite anyone to offer alternatives or corrections wherever possible.

Some are different combinations of reign marks but there are still over 3000 marks to cover the marks of all the Chinese Dynasties from the Shang 1600BCE to the Guangxu reign ending in 1908.

A relatively small but important number of Republic marks are also included.

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