Intimidating parents children

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Intimidating parents children

Clearly dating myself, when I've read about this concern, I always think back to Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff rapping to "Parents Just Don't Understand." It is burned into my memory along with the 24 birthday parties I attended at El Torito the year I turned 11, and countless rounds of "Coke and Pepsi." The lyric seems to speak to what many of us think about this delicate topic -- "I said 'Mom, what are you doing?

When bullying parents use this style of parenting, they try and motivate their children by being derisive.

The first thing you should try is to talk to the parent. If that doesn’t work, it is a good idea to talk to some sort of authority at the school, or even with law enforcement.

It is important that parent bullying be stopped, especially since it can be damaging to the long term psyche of the child.

Parents who are overbearing, constantly belittling their children or seeking to be controlling, and enforcing rules with a heavy hand, may actually be crossing the line into bullying parent behavior.

Indeed, there is a difference between correcting a child’s inappropriate behavior and constantly trying to control every aspect of that child’s life.

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Indeed, in an effort to try and protect their kids, some parents go too far in trying to teach other kids a lesson and become bullies themselves.

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  1. I’m oversimplifying things, but again the compassionate/sympathetic/progressive side of the debate – and the side endorsed by many of the poor themselves – is supposed to be that success is due to accidents of birth, and the less compassionate side is that success depends on hard work and perseverance and grit and willpower.