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Variability in scores by age and sex emphasize the need to use appropriate age- or sex-specific normative data.

This study uses data from the Second Malaysian Family Life Survey, conducted in 1988, to examine parents' preferences for the sex of their children within each of Malaysia's three ethnic groups.

He reiterated that the main objective of the code was to build a better "Bangsa Malaysia".

On the current film censorship guidelines, he said that if a scene was "too sexy", then the scene would be axed. They watch the scene and if it's too glaring then they will cut it.

, a number of websites critical of the Malaysian Government had been pulled off.

In 2016, Malaysia was ranked 146th (out of 180) in the Worldwide Press Freedom Index by Reporters Without Borders.

Population norms for Malaysia differed from those of US, Canada and Australia.

However, pervasive state controls on traditional media spill over to the Internet at times, leading to self-censorship and reports that the state investigates and harasses bloggers and cyber-dissidents.

As of 28 January 2014 many political sites have been blocked by the Malaysian government.

Internet users will encounter a blue and black box with "This website is not available in Malaysia as it violates the National law" announcement.

Many movies have been banned for high impact violence and/or cruelty, which is also not allowed by Malaysia's film censorship guidelines.

Censorship guidelines for local movie productions were only slightly eased in March 2010 to allow LGBT characters who could only portray their sexual orientation through hugging the same sex.

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