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Robot chat dirty chat

This topic popped up when we looked at jobs that robots A much more pressing question is: what will “replaced” humans do?

[Aside from the] ever-dwindling “elite” groups of creators, servitors and owners, there’ll be no “logical need” for the rest of the jobless – thus “non-earning” – population to exist in the capitalist paradigm. While nobody can say for sure, plenty of minds brighter than my own have explored what such a scenario might entail. We are on the cusp of a tech-based societal transformation that will be at least as big as that of the Industrial Revolution.

Driverless cars aren’t generally intelligent in the same way that people are, but driving is a big, complicated, subtle cognitive task which is quickly moving into the reach of robots, and that’s a sign of things to come.

Again, we’re not at a point where robots can compete head-on with human imagination, but these are steps in that direction. Microsoft has already developed a line of robotic security guards that are used to maintain security on one of its campuses.

It wouldn’t require much imagination to take it one step further: autonomous war machines that are smarter and deadlier than humans.

DARPA contractor Boston Dynamics has developed powerful humanoid robots with potential military applications, such as their latest quadruped, SPOT: about where that might take us.

Imagine it’s a century from now and our continuous progress in artificial intelligence has resulted in robots with human-level intellectual capabilities.

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This scenario can range from ‘pretty okay’ to ‘absolutely nightmarish,’ depending on the details. But let’s say we were to try to change the system to avoid this scenario. The first thing to go would probably be market economies. Money represents the exchange of one need or want for another.

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