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My concern is that scrapping the 24-week cut-off would be absolutely disgraceful.Professor Warwick was on a walking holiday yesterday but an RCM spokesman admitted she did not consult its members on the issue, saying: ‘The constitution allows for our members to elect the RCM board and for this body to set our strategic objectives.’Anne Scanlan, of pro-life group Life Education, said: ‘This would legalise abortion-on-demand throughout the entire nine months of pregnancy, for any reason whatsoever.Again, her members were not balloted on whether their organisation should support this highly controversial move.The College was unable last night to say whether the decision to endorse the ‘We Trust Women’ campaign had even been properly sanctioned by its nine-strong board of directors.

The RCM’s stance on decriminalisation of abortion is compatible with this.’ In a hard-hitting statement, she claimed that ‘being in the EU underpins much of the protection that pregnant women receive’ and is ‘vital’ for the profession, arguing that the ‘economic shock’ of a Brexit vote is likely to severely damage the NHS.This wasn’t a minor policy shift by the Royal College of Midwives, it was a fundamental change and the reason they didn’t ask their members is because they knew they wouldn’t get it past them.He said: ‘I will ask the Secretary of State for Health what discussions he has had, or will have, with the RCM and BPAS.Members were not even asked to decide if the Royal College, a professional organisation which supposedly exists to uphold standards of care and represent the career interests of midwives, ought to be in the business of becoming embroiled in such a partisan political controversy as the EU referendum debate.It was a similar story yesterday, when it emerged that Professor Warwick’s RCM has decided to join forces with a motley crew of abortion activists and radical feminists by supporting a campaign to abolish legal limits on abortion.

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