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At the very least, she takes even more pleasure in watching him than in counting ducklings.Evans, who in her nine seasons on Dynasty became television’s most reassuringly glamorous woman over 40, is enjoying, if not an Indian summer of love, then a post-prime-time blossoming of the heart.“Maybe a regular person would just throw up, but I play his music all the time,” says Evans, who handpicked the songs for Yanni’s latest album, a most-romantic-hits compilation called Reflections of Passion.Reflecting on her own passion, Evans recalls the time she and a group of women friends “were all sitting around listening to him and saying this is the best music ever, and we said, ‘Let’s call him and tell him so.’ They said, ‘Why don’t you call him, Linda?This is Yanni, the Greek-born pop composer—and the man who strums Linda’s heartstrings like a zither. “I brought you a little present,” he says, and disappears back into the house.As Evans watches him go, she lapses into a sort of radiant daze.I wanted to stay up late at night and eat too much and not put any makeup on and sunbathe and not care.” So here she is—just being.She indicates the second floor of her home: “When the sun rises, it comes up in this window, and it sets in that window over there. They go under and all you see are their tails, a big tail and 10 little tails!

“To be standing there in the market and burst into tears because I didn’t have a clue what I wanted—it was horrible,” she says. “And I had seen that in order for that to work, my whole life became him, and if it didn’t work, then everything didn’t work in my life. I’ve read books on psychology and philosophy-everything except est.

“This is not a situation where love is blind and we’re walking around on cloud nine,” he says, laughing.

“It’s that we are on cloud nine and we allow ourselves to be there and love it.” At the beginning, love was blind, and stereophonic: Evans first fell for Yanni’s albums, and even now his music—a synthesized mix of pop, jazz and soft rock that might be labeled new age but which Yanni calls adult-contemporary—can be heard constantly in the background, a sound track for a living video montage of kissing, hand holding and meaningful stares.

At least he’ll return your call—he doesn’t know who we are.’ ” The initial conversation lasted an hour and a half.

“I kept saying to her, ‘Well, I really enjoyed talking to you,’ ” says Yanni, who’s based in Los Angeles. If I had known what he had looked like, I never would have had the nerve to call him Ever. I looked at him, and I tell you, in my life I have never, ever had this happen to me.” Yanni must have had some idea, some idea, some idea what Evans looked like, but even he was stunned.

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So if I never even leave my bedroom, I’m thrilled.” And the lake offers its own thrills, of a sort. I’ll watch ’em grow up and get big.” Ah, yes, heaven.

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