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Those would be respectible measurements on a full-sized woman like me, but on Candy, they look positively voluptuous. They call her Baby Bambi.”Bart said, “So you’re the mother of Baby Bambi. I asked you to make me a baby; that’s how babies are made.”“Why didn’t you ask me to make one in you? The cock grinding, the shaves, all happened about that time, as did her persistant whining about not being able to date. If she seduced Candy about that time, that would explain the changes. Get the circulation going for me.”I turned my back to her and Sarah started right in, warming my skin, making my skin tingle. The thought would have never entered my mind the day before, nor would I have given any thought to her not-so- accidental contacts with my pussy. I said, “Candy lost her cherry.”Her face looked up. With her full mane of auburn hair, big green eyes, and pearly white smile, she has no idea how sexy she looks. We’ve heard of Baby Bambi, too.” He addressed Pete, saying, “This is the little bitch I told you about who struts her shit down Pecan Street ten times a day. She likes showing her cunt on the ladder at the pool.”“Yeah, I remember. Part of me was angry, but another part was glad that Sarah opened the way to my sexual fulfillment. We massage each other, did each others hair and nails. Shit, we’ve plucked the wild hairs from each other’s twats so they don’t stick out of our bathing suits. I’m just getting out of the shower.” The door opened. I’ve never seen her snatch when it wasn’t slick, glistening, and showing her coral pink inner flesh. His dick was nestled between her ass cheeks because she took the initiative. Between her ass cheeks he was simply a mass of warm jelly. I wouldn’t even mind sharing John with my sexy daughter. After you’ve been talked into spreading your legs for a hard cock by two or three boys, you kind of get the idea. You two should be alone so you can get better acquainted. That feels good.”I know, that’s a lot to convey with a look, but that’s what I picked up. You could tell it was before, because her vagina wasn’t messy.”“You don’t need to use nice words with me, Baby Bambi. I like it.”“All right, Baby Bambi, tell me about those pictures. She was just necking with a guy.”“I wish you’d told me about that when Barry suggested we go to the lake. She has a well-defined clit that looks like a bald rodent trying to push its way out from her two full labia lips. You see how they got you that way when you started off with no intention of serving as some kid’s love toy. Pam, you’re making me the bad guy, and I don’t like it. I slid my hand higher, squeezed harder, and said, “Do whatever you would do if you were alone with Candy. I’ve watched you fuck, remember.”“Boy, that’s wierd hearing you calling me Baby Bambi. Can you imagine if they’d driven up when you were hanging out the window, or shined a flashlight in while Barry was fucking your pussy with your head in my lap? When I begin shaving, and move those parts with my fingers, that clit actually gets an erection and sticks up at least an inch. When sperm is leaking from your fertile and unprotected pussy, and you just know there’s an egg in your womb receiving one sperm cell, splitting, and growing. If you had a change of heart, we need to discuss it in private.”“Why not discuss this with her here. I think she has a right to date.”Candy said, “I do. I will understand completely, and I will honor my pledge to you, that nothing you two decide to do will ever be brought up by me.” I slid my hand higher, right to the top, squeezed firmly, and repeated, “No matter what.”This time, his look said, “Lady, you’re freaking me out. Do you get your jollies watching kids fuck, or what? You’re under sixteen, you know, Baby Bambi.”“I can’t belive how neat it is hearing you call me Baby Bambi and using words like fuck and pussy.”“I’m glad; now answer my question.”“I thought it was too early to worry about cops. Her thin, shiny, inner lips form a funnel to her pussy hole, and that hole looks so pure, so clean, you just want to put your tongue in and swirl around. The only time he sees her sitting immodestly–and sitting immodestly is the only way you’d see the crotch string–is when she’s sitting on him. I’d love to hear his fantasies while he’s screwing me, and I know he’d love mine. When you think you are royally fucked, pregnant at sixteen by a jerk, you can’t help but say to yourself, “Why in the hell did I let him shoot his cum in my twat. God, what an idiot I am.” Then you figure out how he did it, and you learn how to guard against seduction, and how to seduce. ”I didn’t want Candy to see, so I opened my hand and used my fingers to press unmistakably against his scrotum several times. ”I burst out laughing, then calmed and said, “Yes, we both noticed. Mom…I like sex.”“So welcome to the human race.”“I’m glad Dad won’t let me go steady. They won’t waste a trip out to the lake when there’s a good chance no cars will be there.

I quit fighting the thoughts months ago, knowing I’d never do anything. When the shaving began, last month, my fantasies went through the roof. I’ve caught him sniffing her panties and looking inside her nightie as she slept. I think they’re innocent, and I know John will never molest his daughter. Actually, picturing Candy eight or nine months pregnant, spreading her legs for a twat shave, was not a bad picture. Though the sun was down, we had plenty of light left. Her legs rested on Barry’s lap, and her high heels were touching my thigh. He took me at my word, but kept glancing over to confirm my silence as his hands roamed her legs. I told him that John would not permit Candy to go steady. I think I went all the way on my fourth or fifth date.”“God, I was easy.”“Yes, you were, but that doesn’t make you a slut.”“You thought it did a while ago.”“I just said what you wanted to hear.”“You’re pretty smart, Mom. She needs a big sister, or a father who doesn’t break out in sweats around her. Unlike John, I sometimes see her stark naked, and she takes my breath away. “Get out now, or I’m busting the fucking window.”I opened the door. Candy thoroughly enjoyed my cleaning, but they hurt her pretty badly when they screwed her asshole. The trouble was, they couldn’t get enough of watching me lick my daughter. Do you think I stood watch while the officers took turns screwing her in the squad car? Even now, at thirty-three, her body is tight, firm, and wrinkle free. It’s not the sweats so much, it’s the erection he gets that causes the sweats. She likes to snuggle up on his lap in her baby doll nightie. He gave me another dirty look, then said, “No, just don’t jump on it.”Candy lifted her ass, shifted back over his erection, and eased herself down. I’ve seen her spread beaver when I trim her pubic area for her swim suit. We came so hard, we didn’t notice the beam of light shining in through the corner of the windshield on the driver’s side. My only consolation was that we were outside the city limits. I saw no other options other than to use the famale parts of us to appeal to the male parts of them. One officer left to turn on every light on the squad car, even the flashing blue strobes. I must have licked and sucked her cunt for over an hour, and my jaws ached. Take a shower first.”Candy ran to the bathroom, but her run looked awfully odd. She ran bowlegged and stiff, as though she’d been gang banged in both holes. Do you think we’re late because I was out there licking her pussy to get the sperm out so she wouldn’t get pregnant? It just looks like you two are sharing a secret, something funny. My private fantasies were no one’s business but my own. I would not mind having a baby around the house, and she could leave the infant with us to raise if she decided to. I saw nothing but positives coming from getting Candy together with virile young boys. I could see the red full moon cresting the horizon, and knew we’d be in for a treat at the lake. He turned to Candy and said, “You’re looking good, babe, damn good.”“Thanks. ”Barry toyed with the hem of her skirt, then glanced over to see how I took that move. My Mom.”I expected this, and said, “There’s no Moms in this car.”Barry said, “Relax, Candy. Each time he advanced toward her crotch, he’d check on me again. His hands were sliding up and down her inner thighs, almost, but not quite, touching her panties. She could go on chaperoned dates, but not with one guy only. There were a string of them asking her out; most were juniors and seniors, veterans of the art. This dress is kinda old, but it’s my favorite.”“I can see why. I’m not sure he caught my wink, but his head turned back and his hand moved the skirt up her thighs by several inches, saying, “Too short? I just want to look at your beautiful legs.”“Barry! We weren’t halfway to his makeout spot, and he was going for first base. Candy watched his hands and would glance to me when his fingers neared the apex of her legs. Candy came again shortly after this, and again when Barry pumped her womb full of potent sperm. He said no such thing, but Candy needed to sample more seduction techniques. As we left, she said, “You’re not going to tell Daddy what a slut I was, are you.”“Of course not. Besides, you’re not a slut, you just lost control.”“I was easy. I figure just about every girl goes that far.”“I suppose they do.

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The crotch strap, connecting the front and back triangular patches, is nothing more than string, the same string that connects the top tittie patches. She is not the least bit bashful about this, but she hates pubic hair showing. She was just talking nice.”Candy said, “Mom’s right, Dad. I just said thing because I can’t say bad words.”He said, “You can say penis.”I said, “The point is, she didn’t say thing because she didn’t know what it’s called or what it’s for. She is sexually mature, and she has to learn how to manage her sexually mature body. It is my body.”“I know it’s your body, and I know what these boys would like to do with it. Candy was elated, and only slightly put out that I was going along. Dogs litter my fantasies, even some I’ve had with Candy. ”“Baby Bambi, you’re avoiding the topic.”“I want to know. Not with Gwen, she’s only six.”“So, she has a tongue, and so does Sarah, a nice long, warm, silky-soft tongue.”“Are you serious? All you have to do is tell me the truth, the honest truth, not just something you think I want to hear.”“I swear, Baby Bambi, I’ll lick your pussy for you anytime you want it licked. It’s a gooey mess.”We were in the country, on the lake road. I threw Candy back on the seat and pried her legs apart, thankful that Barry took her panties as a souveneer. Oh, you shouldn’t stick your tongue up my pussy hole, not after a guy came in there. She even humped my nose after lifting her pelvis and capturing my nose in her hole. She wiped her cunt all over my face, and I licked everything that crossed my mouth. She pushed my dress up over my ass and up to my tits. You were supposed to chaperone me.”I lifted up to say, “He won’t check, but if he does, tell him the truth.”“He’s checked before.”“What? ”“Yes, he has checked me ten or twelve times since my birthday. Shit, if he was doing that, I had nothing to worry about. I said, “That is the truth, so tell him that if he checks.”“I hope he checks tonight.